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Your child is nearing the age when he or she will begin losing teeth. This is such a fun stage in a child’s life because of the magic of the Tooth Fairy. You may wonder how to create this magic for your young one. Our team at Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry is happy to give you some ideas for your Tooth Fairy tradition.

A Tooth Fairy Story
Your child may wonder what the Tooth Fairy does with all of the teeth she collects. A popular story is that the Tooth Fairy, or tooth fairies, are building a castle for their queen. The teeth that are the cleanest and most cared for will be used to build the castle. Teeth that are not as nice are ground down and used for paving stones.

A Reward From the Tooth Fairy
When your child starts losing baby teeth, you will need to set expectations regarding rewards from the Tooth Fairy. Payments for a tooth generally range from $1.50 to $2.50. Some parents pay more for a healthy, well-cared-for tooth.

There are many ways that you can make the Tooth Fairy experience even more magical for your child. Leaving a Tooth Fairy note is a fun way to do this. Use a very fine-tipped pen to write in tiny letters on a very small piece of paper. Make sure you avoid your own handwriting if you do this. You can also buy or make a special tooth pillow with a pocket for the tooth. This way, “the Tooth Fairy” knows just where to find your child’s tooth. Another fun idea is leaving tiny glitter or sticker fairy footprints throughout the house for your child to find.

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