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Are you familiar with laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide? This is a form of sedation dentistry that many pediatric dentists use to calm children who are anxious about receiving dental care. We have provided a review of laughing gas and how it can calm your child’s nerves during a dental checkup.

Laughing gas is supplied by placing a mask over your child’s nose and does not involve the use of any injections. Because the gas is odorless, there is no concern about your child having to endure an unpleasant smell while they are breathing in the gas. The calming effect occurs quickly, inducing a relaxed feeling by the time your child’s dental treatment needs to begin.

The gas should not cause your child to fall asleep. We want them to stay awake during the visit so that they can respond to any questions or instructions posed by our pediatric dentist and team. When the dental care is complete, we can flush away any lingering gas by providing oxygen so that your child is once again fully aware of their surroundings at the end of the visit.

While laughing gas is a method of sedation that is very safe for children, certain conditions may prevent it from being an effective solution for your child. It’s important to discuss your child’s health history prior to providing laughing gas so that our team at Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry can determine whether it is favorable for your child.

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