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Naturally, most parents are concerned for their children, especially when they are in any type of pain. As you also know, most parents are concerned with their children’s health and wouldn’t like to do anything that could be bad for their health. However, do you know what you can do to when your child’s tooth is loose? Is a loose tooth painful? Similarly, would pulling a loose tooth be painful?

In reality, there are a few things you should know about what happens when your child’s first tooth is loose. First, if your child’s teeth are loose, their adult teeth have started to grow. When this happens, the roots of your child’s teeth will start to get reabsorbed. Since the baby tooth’s roots are gone, they will be anchored by a small amount of tissue. Once this happens, your child’s tooth will start to wiggle.

At this point, you’ll have to decide whether you should pull the tooth or not. Typically, the better choice is to wait because, even if your child’s tooth is wiggling, there may be some root remaining. Once that root is reabsorbed, the root should come out with little or no pain. However, you can have your child use their tongue to see how loose the tooth is.

If your child does have a loose tooth, make sure it isn’t loose because of trauma or injury. As you know, kids can occasionally knock a tooth loose while playing or if they fall too hard.

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