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Did you know that the bacteria in your mouth might be more excited to eat Halloween candy than your children? Bacteria feed on sugar and convert it into acid, which then eats away at your tooth enamel, exposing teeth to decay. Here’s a summary of each kind of candy’s bag of tricks, so you know what is best for your kid’s smile and oral health:

Chocolate: When it comes to candy, chocolate may be the best choice. This is because it washes off your teeth most easily. Dark chocolate is a better choice than milk chocolate because it has less sugar.

Sour Candy: This tends to be extremely acidic. In fact, sour candies have a similar effect on your teeth as that of battery acid.

Sticky Candy: This candy will stick to the surfaces of your teeth, allowing bacteria more time to feed.

Popcorn Balls: Here small kernels of popcorn to get stuck in between your teeth, so keep some floss handy. They also often have sugar and can be sticky.

Hard Candy: Hard candy can actually crack your teeth if you bite into them too hard. Or if you suck on them for quite awhile, sugar can get in your saliva and wash all over your mouth, canceling out the cleaning effects of the saliva.

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