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Let’s face it–the holidays can be very busy. It’s very easy to give up on coaxing your kids into positive oral health care habits during such a stressful time. But don’t give up on it! Getting blindsided by an emergency dental visit is not a good addition to your holiday plans. Enjoy these tips to make sure your family’s smiles stay healthy and happy this holiday season.


If your child has a hard time brushing her or his teeth for an entire 2 minute session, try setting a timer. Consider offering a non-food reward for every day (or week) that they brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes.


You could also use brushing time as family time–brushing teeth together starting this week, you can get an extra 3.5 hours of one-on-one time with your child before the end of 2017. Perhaps turn on your favorite holiday music and jam together while you brush! Before you know it, the two minutes will be up.


When you do include sugary treats into your family’s holiday diet, make sure they are accompanied by a large glass of plain water. This helps clean the sugar and acids away from teeth. If you can, give treats all at once (in small portion sizes, of course), rather than snacking on them throughout the day. This allows the child to brush their teeth after eating a sugary dish–without immediately introducing more sugar into their mouth.  


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