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The process of losing baby teeth should be fun and exciting. It is a life milestone after all! If you’re having a hard time making this process enjoyable for your child, our dentist, Dr. Neal Smith, has some tips that can help you.

First, tell your child about the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy makes things a little more exciting. She is a kind fairy who loves children, especially those who lose their baby teeth. When a chomper falls out of the mouth, she visits the child, takes the tooth, and leaves a treasure in its place. All your child needs to do is place the tooth in a sandwich bag and put it under their pillow before they go to bed!

Second, encourage your child to decorate a door sign for the Tooth Fairy. When they place this sign on the door knob, the Tooth Fairy will know she needs to visit. You can access a door sign on the American Dental Association’s website. Once you print it, have your child color it however they want!

Third, have the Tooth Fairy leave a tooth receipt. These receipts can also be found on the ADA website. The receipt requests the child’s name and age, the date of collection, the number of teeth, and the payment provided. There is also a section for the Tooth Fairy to leave a special note. The Tooth Fairy can leave this receipt when she places the treasure under the pillow!

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