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We’re honored to offer our patients at Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry in Yakima, Washington, procedures utilizing oral lasers. Dental lasers are advanced instruments that work in addition to or replace traditional instruments, and they have multiple beneficial side effects that traditional tools don’t. We’ve assembled the following list of oral laser treatments to help you wrap your head around this exciting technology:

-We can sense cavities by finding the byproducts of oral erosion using hard and soft tissue laser technology.
-Dental lasers can decrease bacteria in your oral cavity during oral filling treatments.
-We can mitigate the effects of TMJ and decrease inflammation of the temporomandibular joint with oral lasers.
-Instead of waiting on x-rays, we can observe the condition of the insides of your teeth instantly by using lasers.
-Oral lasers can be applied to cold sores, decreasing their recuperation time and curtailing their aching effects.
-We can use dental laser technology to sculpt your gums into a look that you love.
-Soft tissue folds can be removed with the assistance of a dental laser.
-Tooth prep can be done (in lots of procedures) using oral lasers instead of dental drills.

As long as this list seems, there are actually many additional uses of lasers in clinical dentistry for your child’s smile, and Dr. Neal Smith and the staff at Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry would be ecstatic to tell you about them. If you’re ready to schedule your next visit with our Yakima, Washington, team, please call us at 509-248-2973 and we’ll get everything schedule for you.