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Are you aware of what teething is and the effect it will have on your child’s smile and their oral health care? If you do not know what teething is, it is a common oral health condition in which their teeth erupt above the gum line to settle firmly in their mouth. Although the process has been completely natural, it can lead to discomfort and pain.

In order to better care for your child, it is important to be aware of any teething symptoms that can arise. Firstly, your child’s first tooth will arise when they are roughly six months of age. At this point, you should examine them for signs of teething, but you should also care for the teeth on a daily basis. To help them with any teething discomfort they may have, you can use clean utensils just teething rings, spoons, or gauze pads to help relax their gums.

In order to better care for your child, it is important to watch for any symptoms of teething to determine if discomfort is occurring. If they are suffering from teething symptoms including difficulty sleeping, fussiness, change of loss and appetite, and drooling, treatments should be given. However, if your child is experiencing extreme symptoms such as rashes, fever, or diarrhea, it is important to consult with their pediatric dentist and alert them of their condition.

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