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Did you know that cavities are the most common disease children face today? The development of cavities in your child’s smile could result in them missing several hours of school and turning in poor schoolwork as a result of distracting dental pain. We encourage you to schedule regular dental checkups for your child to reduce the risk cavities and protect their oral health.

When children visit the dentist for preventive dental care, they can receive professional dental cleanings and exams that lower the likelihood of tooth decay. In particular, our team removes lingering plaque and tartar that lead to tooth decay, enhancing your child’s dental hygiene. A quick tooth polishing can also leave your child’s smile looking its best.

The next step is a thorough tooth examination performed by our friendly dentist to determine if the teeth are showing signs of tooth decay. If we can treat dental problems in their earliest stages, we can often provide conservative dental care and prevent severe tooth damage from occurring. Your child may benefit from dental sealants, which are thin tooth coating if the chewing surfaces of their back teeth are deeply ridged. These dental sealants act as a barrier so that harmful bacteria can’t cause cavities in the teeth.

Additionally, fluoride supplements may be needed if your child has difficulty caring for their smile in between dental visits. These supplements can come in the form of a special toothpaste to strengthen the tooth enamel against bacteria and decay.

If you need to schedule your child’s dental checkup in Yakima, Washington, or schedule a visit with Dr. Neal Smith or Dr. Amy Smith about cavity treatment, contact Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry at 509-248-2973 today.