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Teething can be hard on both parents and baby, especially at first. Your baby’s first teeth will likely come in between four and six months old, and as soon as that first tooth comes in, it’s important to start brushing. Baby oral care is as simple as it is important, and keeping their mouth clean will keep it healthy and get them used to the feeling of brushing.

One baby’s first tooth is visible, it can be brushed. For this, a baby-friendly toothbrush should be used, since they are specially designed to be small and gentle in baby’s mouth. At first, a wet toothbrush is all you will need to wash the tooth, and wet gauze or a wet cloth should still be used to clean their tongue and gums. Gently brush all around any erupted teeth with the wet toothbrush to clean them.

It may be beneficial to wash baby’s mouth like this throughout the day to keep it clean. You can brush it around two to three times per day as needed after they eat, to keep their mouth clear of milk and food. Make sure that each time you clean their mouth, you use water and not necessarily toothpaste or any other oral cleaners, as it may not be safe to introduce your baby to toothpaste yet.

The best way to know when it’s a good idea to introduce toothpaste to your baby’s routine is by talking to your pediatric dentist. Dr. Neal Smith would love to discuss options for keeping baby’s mouth clean as they grow. The professionals at Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry can help you determine when it is appropriate to introduce toothpaste in your baby’s cleaning routine, and would also love to give you any other advice and instruction regarding your baby’s oral health. For an appointment, call our Yakima, Washington office at 509-248-2973.