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If you want your child to have a top-notch oral health, then it’s best to replace their toothbrush at the necessary times. However, that might be a difficult task if you’re not sure when it’s best to replace the brush. So, to help you, our Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry team encourages you to replace your child’s brush:

-After 3-4 months: Studies show that after 3-4 months, the toothbrush is less effective at removing plaque and bacteria from the smile. It’s also important to replace the toothbrush at this time because it might harbor bacteria and germs that can affect your child and alter their health.

-When the bristles are frayed: If the bristles are worn out or frayed, it’s best to replace the brush. If the bristles are not in tip-top condition, they won’t properly clean the smile and they could also harm your child’s gums.

-After they’ve been sick: It’s very important to replace your child’s toothbrush after they have been sick. This is vital because if you don’t replace their brush, the bristles will harbor germs and bacteria and your child will have a high chance of being reinfected with the sickness.

If you replace your child’s toothbrush at the necessary times, they will have a proper and efficient tooth-cleaning tool. For more information and details, please feel free to call our office at 509-248-2973 and talk to your dentist, Dr. Neal Smith, or a member of our friendly pediatric dental team. We look forward to helping you!