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Pediatric dentistry places a heavy focus on tooth brushing for kids. In order to ensure that your child receives the necessary pediatric care to keep their smile safe in the future, you will need to establish an effective toothbrush routine.

Making sure your child’s teeth are cared for, which should begin as soon as the first tooth appears. Typically, between the ages of five and ten months, a child’s very first tooth will erupt above the gumline. As soon as it is visible, daily cleanings will need to be applied to lower the risk of tooth decay or issues associated with wear and tear on a child’s teeth. Remember to use nonabrasive products and avoid unhealthy habits such as leaving a baby bottle in their mouth while they sleep.

For further help with your child’s pediatric care, bring them in to visit their pediatric dentist before they are one year of age. Also, make sure that any toothbrushes you are using for your child are not shared between you and the child. Use products that are nonabrasive and make sure your child is eating a nutritious meal that includes an abundance of healthy minerals.

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