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Would you be surprised to hear that kids are actually as vulnerable to getting gum disease as adults are? Similarly, did you know that more and more kids are suffering from cavities? As you may have heard, brushing your child’s pearly whites can help you prevent tooth decay, but would you be interested in learning that the toothbrush and the toothpaste you get for your child could be important?

For example, it’s important to give your little ones a toothbrush that you can move around their mouth easily. If their brush doesn’t fit properly, you probably won’t be able to keep their smile as clean as you should. Furthermore, if your child’s brush doesn’t fit very well, your children may not enjoy brushing their teeth–which can make the entire experience less pleasant.

The type of toothbrush you choose for your child is also important. You should buy a toothbrush that has rounded, soft bristles. If you get a brush with hard-bristles, you might actually damage your little one’s pearly whites. Similarly, please note that your kids might want to get involved in brushing when they’re about two years old, but they won’t be able to brush effectively until they’re about five years old.

We also recommend giving your little one a toothpaste without fluoride in it until they can spit the toothpaste out on their own. Also, kids don’t need toothpaste made to prevent gingivitis or whiten their smile. In reality, they just need a toothpaste that will fight cavities.

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