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As a parent, we all know that kids are a ton of work. On top of everything else you need to watch for, you’re also expected to keep a careful eye on their oral health. But how can you get kids to brush and floss? When do they need to see Dr. Neal Smith at Central Washington Pediatric Dentistry in Yakima, Washington?

The questions quickly pile up, which is why we’re going to take a few moments to discuss when you should bring your child in for his or her first dental checkup.

How early is too early?

A lot of parents have this question, but are surprised by the answer. It’s recommended that your children see a dentist when their first tooth erupts, or by the first birthday – whichever happens to come first.

Bringing them in this early helps eliminate potential future health problems that arise from a lack of gum and tooth care.

Why so early?

This question is pretty easy to answer – the earlier your kids visit the dentist, the easier it will be to teach them lifelong oral health habits, and how to take care of their teeth on their own. When you make the dentist a normal part of life, kids see this as an indication of how important it is. They’ll learn a lot just from going regularly, even if they don’t remember it all when they’re older.

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